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Exclusive Metal Cards from Informatics Solution

Informatics Solution brings to the Armenian market an unparalleled collection of high-class metal payment cards. Our range encompasses fully metallic cards and innovative plastic-metal combinations, aligning with the latest trends in luxury products and satisfying diverse customer requirements. Why Choose Metal Cards? Excellence: Metal cards are more than just payment instruments; they’re a statement of high class and style. Prestige: Enhance customer loyalty and strengthen your brand’s presence in the market. Quality: Crafted from special materials, ensuring superior durability and longevity. Exclusivity: A seamless blend of innovation and elegance. Diversity: Each card boasts unique styles with special coatings and elegant engravings, providing both aesthetic pleasure and a distinctive tactile sensation. To discover the world of metal payment cards for your business and learn more about details, contact Informatics Solution.  Email:...

Entrust Acquires Onfido

We are pleased to announce that Entrust, a global leader in payments, identities, and data security, has acquired Onfido, enhancing its portfolio with advanced identity verification capabilities. Onfido Atlas™, the award-winning AI makes fast, fair, and accurate AI identity verification a reality. Atlas AI is built on 10 years of research by a team of 200 engineers to solve one problem: identity fraud. Onfido Atlas AI solution stands out with the following parameters: Fast AI-powered automation handles surges in volume when manual processes can’t keep up. With Atlas, verifications are consistently fast, whether you’re onboarding ten or ten thousand people. Atlas processes 95% of biometrics verifications in under 10 seconds. It’s how it has helped global businesses like Chipper Cash reduce the time to onboard new customers by 35%. Accurate...

What is Instant Issuance?

Instant issuance gives you the power to issue new credit and debit cards or replacement cards instantly. Integrated hardware and software allow you to issue permanent, personalized cards, right in the branch. The solution and process are designed to be easy and completely secure, ensuring that your branch can quickly and painlessly begin issuing cards to the surprise and delight of your customers. Instant issuance does not replace traditional issuance, but instead offers an alternative for customers seeking more immediate card issuance or card replacement. Below, learn more about Financial Instant Issuance solution offered by Informatics Solution. What is instant issuance Flat card_E_BOOK