About Us

Informatics Solution (IS) was founded in 2000 in Armenia, to provide technologically advanced solutions for FinTech companies, financial institutions, academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The core focus areas of services IS provides include e-banking, digital security, plastic card solutions (financial and non-financial), ATM machine provision and various automation solutions. We partner with global players in the field to bring cutting edge solutions to the Armenian market. 


We care about your business! Our team of professionals will put maximum effort to provide the best solution for your business demand.  We are proud to offer both our experience and the intellectual capacity of our specialists with international certifications and licenses, to turn your innovative ideas into reality. 


Our customers have the opportunity to receive professional pre-sales consulting to match their technological, and functional requirements and achieve their short, mid and long-term corporate goals with us. IS is proud to partner with the best vendors in the industry (to include Datacard, GRGbanking, Villiger) and offers its customers the opportunity to customize each solution based on their business needs.