Plastic Cards

As a supplier of financial and non-financial card solutions, card issuance systems, card printers, and accessories, we provide professional and consultative support and deliver secure, high-quality solutions based on your requirements. Moreover, we consult, design, order and deliver branded financial cards to our customers, from the worlds’ leading trusted manufacturers and enabling end-users to securely access their funds in the bank. In cooperation with us, you have options to choose plastic cards with security, functionality, and design that best represents your identity in the hands of end-user and enhances their experience with state-of-art technology.


  • EMV Chip Cards

    EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the credit card behemoths that dominate the sector and have developed the global standard for chip-based security. The main drivers are the determination of reducing card fraud and related losses or the impulse increasing customer retention and service.
    We provide the EMV chip cards with the latest EMV standards, payment scripts, and technology. Clients are welcomed to experience market innovations and comply with international standards with available integration projects. We have the specialties required to develop vendor-independent scripts based on Entrust Datacard(EDC) adaptive issuance Software.

  • Dual Interface Cards

    Dual Interface (DI) chip cards allow users to conduct both contact and contactless transactions. Since VISA and MC are moving to DI cards we provide you with the latest technology on DI cards with updated scripts approved by MC and VISA to make a transaction with both contact and contactless interfaces.

  • Pure Contactless Cards

    Contactless Cards are fast, easy and secure – ideal for time-pressed customers. They are accepted globally at merchants including retail stores, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, etc. which means customers can take advantage of it easily anywhere.
    With us, you will always be updated on the latest solutions and technologies and receive the best offers according to your expectations.


  • Central Issuance solutions

    Create new card revenue opportunities with advanced Card issuance and delivery technology while reducing operational costs and complexity. We will assist you with the acquisition of the most profitable choice to make the most of the benefits from this technology for your mass production and experience the innovative high-volume card issuance solutions.

  • Instant Issuance solutions

    Delight your consumers with instantly issued, fully activated cards and create an amazing customer experience by using our Instant Issuance solution. Cardholders also feel greater value from your service and increased loyalty to your institution by having their needs handled quickly and securely.

  • Printers

    We offer a range of desktop printers, from high-speed systems that apply customized security laminates and personalized smart cards completely in line to low-cost, low-volume models for basic needs.


  • Proximity Cards

    We deliver a complete solution of secure proximity smart ID cards for physical and logical access control. Proximity cards work best for organizations that need to have on-site identity management solutions with photographic identification, as well as the ability to check and discover genuine and counterfeit cards. Proximity cards with different features and specifications serve for different purposes, and we will advise you on the most accurate choice for your organization.

  • Readers

    The implementation of an efficient access control system requires collecting and processing information in real-time and granting access if the requester is authorized. We offer a selection of the industry’s most extensive readers and access control systems that will serve your needs.

  • Encoder

    These are ideal solutions for encoding and managing credentials and configuring readers. The encoder makes it possible for end-users to add an additional layer of security to card credentials, independent of card technology. Adding Secure Identity Objects (SIOs) to card credentials enhances overall system security by enabling cards and readers to establish that they are part of a trusted access control population.

  • Printing device

    Long-lasting images mean fewer card replacements! We provide printing devices with high printing quality that last longer and help you avoid costly re-issuance. With brilliant color and great image quality, we offer the features that your company needs to issue ID cards.
    You can also benefit from printers with modular systems, which means you will be able to add options, in case your card program needs to be changed. Your system could also have enhanced security features to protect the integrity of your data.
    We advise and offer you card printers that best suit your needs, and will deliver everything you need to increase the security and durability of your ID cards.


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