Entrust: Pioneering AI-Powered ID Verification for Enhanced Security

In recent years, Entrust has emerged as a global leader in trusted payments, identity, and data security. The company is currently engaged in exclusive discussions for the potential acquisition of Onfido, a prominent player in cloud-based, AI-driven identity verification (IDV) technology based in London.

Entrust’s potential acquisition of Onfido would bring industry-leading technology together to provide enhanced, identity-based solutions that enable trusted, secure interactions at scale for people, enterprises and institutions. With Onfido acquisition, Entrust is poised to further solidify its position as an industry leader in AI-powered ID verification, offering enhanced security solutions for the evolving digital landscape. The adoption of step-up authentication, facilitated by biometric-based, AI-driven ID verification, is paramount to ensuring security, privacy, and trust in these high-value, digital-first interactions.

Today, Entrust plays a crucial role in ensuring the world moves safely forward by facilitating strong identities, secure payments, and protected data. 

Resource: https://fintechmagazine.com/fraud-id-verification/entrust-set-to-acquire-onfido