TOPPAN Holdings Recognized for Excellence in Sustainable Practices by DJSI World

In the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, DJSI World emerges as a distinguished index provided by S&P Global. Revered for its longevity and global recognition, the index has become a trusted benchmark for sustainability experts worldwide. With a stringent Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) evaluating the ESG performance of over 13,500 listed entities globally, companies showcasing outstanding sustainability practices secure a coveted place on the index.

For the sixth time, TOPPAN Holdings has attained recognition on the prestigious DJSI World, joining the ranks of 321 companies distinguished this year. Proudly standing as one of the 38 Japanese companies selected, TOPPAN Holdings holds the unique distinction of being the sole Japan-based company in the Commercial & Professional Services industry group.

Beyond its noteworthy environmental initiatives, TOPPAN Holdings has received accolades for its commitment to addressing social issues. The company garnered high scores for its initiatives pertaining to human rights, human capital development, and customer relationship management. Particularly noteworthy is TOPPAN Holdings’ achievement of the highest score in its sector for information security.

Since its inception, the TOPPAN Group has consistently contributed to society by delivering high-quality products and services, guided by fundamental philosophies of “respect for human beings” and “a company is its people.”