Ultimate Metal Art- an Innovation in Metal Card Technology

Metal payment cards are becoming increasingly popular among cardholders across various consumer segments globally. These cards serve as effective tools for financial institutions to enhance brand loyalty and attract new customers.  

In response to this growing trend, IDEMIA has consistently developed metal cards tailored to different market segments. Following the successful launch of the Smart Metal Art (SMA) metal card in 2015—the world’s first metal payment card fully compatible with contactless payments such as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex—IDEMIA is expanding its payment market portfolio with the introduction of a distinctive and innovative card designed specifically for the affluent market: the Ultimate Metal Art (UMA) Card. With the launch of this new product, IDEMIA reiterates its commitment to meeting customer needs while ensuring affordability and security. 

Engineered for top-notch performance and durability, the Ultimate Metal Art card stands out as the heaviest card in IDEMIA’s portfolio, establishing new industry standards in card body innovation. The UMA card incorporates a versatile design with a core composed of stainless steel and tungsten, enclosed in a protective PVC layer on both the front and back sides. This innovative configuration not only facilitates double-sided contactless transactions but also offers a reading distance of over 4 centimeters, providing enhanced convenience. 

IDEMIA’s team of metal card experts work with card issuers’ design teams to translate their concepts into a unique metal card that not only reflects their brand but also improves the payment experience, fostering a closer connection with their customers. 


Resource: https://www.idemia.com/news/introducing-new-ultimate-metal-art-uma-card-2023-11-30?fbclid=IwAR3cEkIiIFccT88Rb5Cnsn_lF3-xcYFt_V38OT8KhH4EqY3fj3berOEIAvU