Touch Card- A Product Co-Invented by IDEMIA and Mastercard

Of the 2.2 billion people around the world with visual impairments of varying degrees, the ability to identify their payment card today can be a challenge. 

With the goal to solve this problem “IDEMIA” and “Mastercard” created the “Touch Card”. This card addresses a growing demand in the market for payment products designed with inclusivity in mind. Designed to enhance convenience and security for blind and partially sighted individuals, this card features three uniquely shaped notches for distinguishing between debit, credit, and prepaid cards. This tactile innovation empowers users to correctly orient the card, ensuring clarity about the payment card in use. 

Due to its unique design, “Touch Card” was awarded “Best Payments Led Financial Inclusion Initiative by a Vendor” at the 2023 “Global Payments Innovation Awards” organized by “The Digital Banker”, a leading financial news, business intelligence, and research company. 

“MBH Bank”, one of Hungary’s major financial institutions, became the first bank in Hungary to offer the innovative and inclusive “Touch Card”, a product co-invented by “IDEMIA” and “Mastercard”. With “Touch Card”, “MBH Bank” seeks to respond to a market need for payment products that are “inclusive by design”. 

Aaron Davis, Payment Services Senior VP for Europe at “IDEMIA”, emphasized the commitment to introducing purpose-built, inclusive products that cater to the diverse needs of the market, underscoring “IDEMIA”’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that prioritize accessibility and usability.