IDEMIA’s facial recognition ranked #1 in NIST’s latest FRVT test

IDEMIA announced that its facial recognition algorithm 1: N came top among 75 tested systems and 281 entrants in NIST’s latest FRVT1.

FRVT measures how well facial recognition systems work for civil, law enforcement, and security applications covering accuracy, speed, storage, and memory criteria. FRVT test results are acknowledged to be the gold standard of the global security industry.

NIST’s March 26, 2021 test results establish beyond all doubt that IDEMIA has the best identification system on the market. Taking border control systems as an example, IDEMIA achieved the best accuracy score of 99.65% correct matches out of 1.6 million face images.

One of the important aspects of AI-based automated facial recognition is to teach its various algorithms not only to be accurate but equally important fast and optimized for fairness. It is all about striking the right balance when dealing with large volumes of face images. IDEMIA’s facial recognition solutions work with or without mask2 and with the best trade-off between speed and accuracy3, demographic parity4 and are able to process face profile images1.

FRVT evaluated IDEMIA’s core algorithms underlying all its systems using facial recognition which address access control, public security, and border control needs.

IDEMIA’sChief Technology Officer Jean-Christophe Fondeur said: IDEMIA has always advocated for responsible and ethical use and development of biometric technologies. The test results confirm IDEMIA’s long-standing expertise in facial recognition AI-based research and how advanced our technology is. We strive to demonstrate our leadership by regularly taking part in NIST tests. It’s very important to have government agencies check how our algorithms measure up against other algorithms based on large data volumes. We’re thrilled that our results consistently come out at the very top.”


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