IDEMIA Conference

On November 19-21, Informatics Solution was pleased to host our colleagues and representatives from IDEMIA. The first keynote speaker was vice president of financial institutions, Pierre Alain Bauer, who demonstrated IDEMIA’s non-digital portfolio, metal cards, motion code, and F-code. Next speakers were, Wido D.M. Beekman the head of digital sales financial institutes Europe and CIS region and Julien Huyghe digital payment-global presales manager who presented the digital payment solutions and tokenization.

During the event, Armenian banks participated in the meeting and had active discussions followed by Q&A sessions with IDEMIA representatives. During the conference, Pierre explained the new technology of payments cards F-Code, motion code, metal cards with its use cases. Furthermore, he spoke about the market trends, earning customer’s trust to use the bank’s new products and understanding consumers’ expectations from cards. The presentation provided participants with fundamental knowledge of IDEMIA’s new technology and payment cards. Moreover, it raised great interest among the cards and marketing departments from the bank.

IDEMIA representatives Wido D.M. Beekman and Julien Huyghe introduced digital payment solutions and tokenization. They presented Mobile payment HCE, Digital payment, how tokenization of payment cards works including lifecycle and ID&V, De-tokenization and local scheme. Session attendees included people from cards, management, marketing, and IT departments from the banks and Arca. This presentation and workshop session provided participants with fundamental knowledge of IDEMIA Digital payment solutions and tokenization.