Contactless Payment Now

Informatics Solution is one of the first in the Armenian market to introduce new types of contactless payment cards. As a result of cooperation with Converse Bank, Informatics Solutions introduced IDEMIA’s Stickers, Flybuy Mini Fobs contactless payment cards and Keychains for the Mini Fob, which have high demand in our market․

Any cell phone can be easily transformed into a secure contactless payment device by just simply sticking the Contactless Sticker to the back of the device. Nowadays consumers don’t even have to carry their wallets with several different payment cards and cash in it. All they need is the sticker, which is a fast and cost-effective way of enabling customers to use their phones to pay for goods and services straight away.

Thanks to a bigger antenna and patented shielding technology, the sticker delivers great performance and is designed to work in challenging environments, so it can be used on any phone cases – whether they’re plastic or metallic.
Flybuy Mini Fob is a tiny (SIM-size 15x25mm) contactless card which features a boosted antenna that can be inserted into a silicone or leather wristband, key chain, fitness trackers or watches. FlyBuy Mini Fob makes it possible to add contactless payment functionality to various existing objects.

FlyBuy Mini Fobs can be positioned either as an associate extension to the existing payment card or as a stand-alone prepaid option. In both cases, their settings can be easily managed by a mobile app. Their usage is not limited to payment, but also extends beyond for instance in access control for corporate premises, fitness centers or music/sports events. So the sky is the limit on how you plan to use the stickers and mini fobs.