IDEMIA’s facial recognition ranked #1 in NIST’s latest FRVT test

April 16, 2021

IDEMIA announced that its facial recognition algorithm 1: N came top among 75 tested systems and 281 entrants in NIST’s latest FRVT1. FRVT measures how well facial recognition systems work for civil, law enforcement, and security applications covering accuracy, speed, storage, and memory criteria. FRVT test results are acknowledged to be the gold standard of the global security industry. NIST’s March 26, 2021 test results establish beyond all doubt that IDEMIA has the best identification system on the market. Taking border control systems as an example, IDEMIA achieved the best accuracy score of 99.65% correct matches out of 1.6 million face images. One of the important aspects of AI-based automated facial recognition is to teach its various algorithms not only...


Entrust Datacard, The Global Leader in Credential Issuance and Digital Security is now “Entrust”!

October 13, 2020

In September 2020, “Entrust Datacard” announced its new brand identity and company name – “Entrust”, by highlighting its position as the leading company in developing and providing unique digital security software’s and credential issuance solutions. This evolution including the new logo, new tagline, new policies and positioning is tightly linked to the company’s mission: to keep the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments, and data protection. Datacard Corporation is founded in 1969 with the advent of secure, high-speed payment and identity card printers. Since then, it started to develop new technologies and extended its global footprint. With acquiring the entrust in 2013 it became “Entrust Datacard” and continue delivering trust in payment card solutions and has added breadth...


Upgrade your Counting and Sorting method into the next level

February 17, 2020

Accurate Banknotes, Better performance, Upgrade Counting and Sorting method into the next level Banknote Sorters are essential for industries that are handling large volumes of cash. What the banks, CIT’s and financial institutions really need is a high-quality cash counting and sorting machines with counterfeit money detection feature. Cash sorting machines allow to efficiently counting and processing cash with the added benefits of increased security and accuracy. They also provide businesses with savings of time and labor costs and streamline your cash management process. GRG CM series intelligent Banknote sorter machines have the professional and comprehensive banknote detection technology, which is able to detect soiled, stained, taped, torn and folded notes. Once the sorting criteria are set, the banknotes can...


IDBank’s New Branch with New GRG Recyclers

January 30, 2020

Introducing the GRG recyclers H68N Series, now available in the IDBank’s Northern Avenue new branch. We are happy to announce that “IDBank” with the cooperation of “Informatics solution” has acquired a new generation of automated teller machines “GRG H68N” recyclers which can serve customers with a great variety of services in a much easier way. Pointing out the touch screen and contactless features now IDBank has the opportunity to break the limits for its given services to customers and this is an added value for the Bank. In the near future, customers will have the chance to benefit from different services such as exchange their money or even change to smaller notes. The H68N series is comprised of cutting-edge cash...


IDEMIA Conference

November 30, 2019

On November 19-21, Informatics Solution was pleased to host our colleagues and representatives from IDEMIA. The first keynote speaker was vice president of financial institutions, Pierre Alain Bauer, who demonstrated IDEMIA’s non-digital portfolio, metal cards, motion code, and F-code. Next speakers were, Wido D.M. Beekman the head of digital sales financial institutes Europe and CIS region and Julien Huyghe digital payment-global presales manager who presented the digital payment solutions and tokenization. During the event, Armenian banks participated in the meeting and had active discussions followed by Q&A sessions with IDEMIA representatives. During the conference, Pierre explained the new technology of payments cards F-Code, motion code, metal cards with its use cases. Furthermore, he spoke about the market trends, earning customer’s...


Contactless Payment Now

November 28, 2019

Informatics Solution is one of the first in the Armenian market to introduce new types of contactless payment cards. As a result of cooperation with Converse Bank, Informatics Solutions introduced IDEMIA’s Stickers, Flybuy Mini Fobs contactless payment cards and Keychains for the Mini Fob, which have high demand in our market․ Any cell phone can be easily transformed into a secure contactless payment device by just simply sticking the Contactless Sticker to the back of the device. Nowadays consumers don’t even have to carry their wallets with several different payment cards and cash in it. All they need is the sticker, which is a fast and cost-effective way of enabling customers to use their phones to pay for goods and...


Պլաստիկ քարտեր

October 2, 2019

Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ Պլաստիկ քարտեր տեքստ